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Fearful, shy, timid or cautious dogs avoid people, sounds, certain kinds of situations, etc. that frighten them. Often it is a personality trait ingrained in their DNA, it can also be a learned behavior for their past. They may seem depressed or disinterested and sometimes lunge or do barking displays to make what they’re afraid of go further away. Signs of fearful, shy, timid or cautious dogs may be one or all of the following:

  1. Ears flattened back to the head.

  2. Cowering posture.
  3. Shying away from interactions with other dogs and/or people.
  4. Tail tucked between the legs.
  5. Panting or shaking.
  6. Dilated, glassy eyes.
  7. Skulking, pacing, hiding, or escaping.
  8. Whining or barking.
  9. Raised hackles.
  10. Fear of eye contact.
  11. Sneering, nipping or biting.
  12. Submissive urination.

 If you’ve decided to share your life with a shy dog, take heart. This class will provide you information and techniques that can help you understand what your dog feeling and give you direction to help your furry friend. Some of the many topics that will be covered are:

  1. Why is my dog like this?

  2. Will my dog get better?

  3. What can I do to help my dog with their fears?

  4. Discuss and participate is confidence building activities. 

 When coming to class make sure you have a few instruments to help you and your pet be successful:

  1. A decent sized bag of high rewarding treats for your hungry dog.

  2. A regular leash, four to six feet in length.

  3. An easy walk harness.

To Register for Classes Please Contact Shelley Kuglin at:

Cell & Text: (757) 813-0021 



Facebook: Shelley Kuglin 

2018 Classes 2018 ($50/dog) 

Classes will be Scheduled Soon!!!


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