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Pawsitive Socialization

As a puppy parent, your number one most important job is exposing them to as many new people and new dogs as you can during this critical period of time, and to do so in a manner that doesn’t create any fearful situations for your new best friend.


By the time your puppy is weaned and home with you, your sponge window has shrunk to less than two months! That’s not much time to prepare your little friend for the big world.


For this class we will place your puppy in an environment that is a little out of their comfort level. This will help in getting your best friend to become better bonded with you as they look to you for guidance to mold them into becoming a Pawsitively well-mannered friend whom is able to calmly greet others
To Register for Classes Please Contact Shelley Kuglin at:

Cell & Text: (757) 813-0021 



Facebook: Shelley Kuglin


2019 Classes ($15/dog) 

 Classes to be Scheduled Soon!!!

 NEW ??? 3:00PM $30/dog (Cash or Check) 

Location: Tractor Supply, 13500 Benns Church Blvd., Smithfield, Virginia 23430

Requirement: Must have finished at least "Advanced Basic O." 

Trainer: Shelley (757) 813-0021  


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