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 Fast Cat (Course Agility Test) for Fun!!
 A release form will be provided at the day of the event. 
There will be limited volunteers to assist.
No Pinch Collars or e-collars are permitted.
No Females in Season!!
(All Females will be checked regardless of being spayed.) 
All dogs will be checked for lameness at check in.
If your dog is found to be lame, your dog will not be permitted to run.
All dogs must be friendly and up to dates on vaccines.
(All dogs will be excited on the day of the event as they enter the grounds or exit the vehicle.  It is important that all owners ensure their dog or dogs are kept at a distance from one another so fights do not occur.)
You Will Need The Following:
1. Catcher/releaser
2. Collar
3. Two leashes 

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